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ULIMOE For Business

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Corporate Transfer & Limousine Services for Business

ULIMOE for Business is a dedicated ground transportation service manager for small and medium business.

Montreal Corporate Limousine

For Event Manager

Corporate transfers made easy.

For Employees

Service provider to your safe, reliable, and easy to expense business travels.

How to get started
  • Choose “Business” as your account type.
  • New Customer? Submit your application online.
  • Already have an account with us? Login & submit your transfer request.
  • More questions? Contact Us.
  • Dedicated Account Representative.
Do I need permanent address ?

Permanent address is not necessary, but we may ask for a supporting document, such as a recent utility or tax bill, which includes both your company name and address, to verify your identification.

Do I have to be employed ?

No, being employed is not a requirement to open a business account with us. If you are an individual or sole proprietor/single person business, you can apply to open a business account with us.

What are acceptable pieces of identification ?

Corporate Account Opening

When you open a corporate account with us, we require that your company representative/owner(s) to present two pieces of valid photo IDs.

Accepted IDs:

  • Medicare Card.
  • Driver License.
  • Permanent Residents Card ID.
  • Canada Citizenship Card ID.
  • Passport.

You must disclose to us the following information, if it is not available on the pieces of identification that you present:

  • a) your full name
  • b) your company address, billing address if it is different than your company’s mailing address.
  • c) your date of birth, and
  • d) your job title.
  • e) your business type.
  • f) if you are a company representative, we require you to submit a letter of authorization from your employer. It has to state that you are an authorized officer to act and purchase on the company’s behalf.

As part of our verification process, we may need to further investigate and verify the identification an/or information that you have provided prior to opening an account with us. ULIMOE holds rights to refuse your account opening request with us for certain legal reasons. Refusal confirmation will be sent to you via email or mail; depends on your chosen communication method.

What's next?

Please allow 24-48 hours for your application to be reviewed and approved. To enhance security for online applications, we include a verification requirement in our account opening process. One of our limousine operator will call or email you in order to complete your registration process

Contact us to check your application status.

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